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Be “In The Know” With Talega’s Best Market Report

When Doug Echelberger is out and about in his hometown of San Clemente, there are a few questions that he is asked on a regular basis: What is the best time of the year to sell a home? How is the market? Are home prices going up or down?
Doug, San Clemente’s number-one real estate agent and owner of Echelberger Group, explained, “While I can’t do this on the street, I can visually answer these questions online in a simple and easy-to-understand way. I use the work of my good friend, Stephen Thomas, with First American Title. Stephen spends tireless hours crunching numbers in our MLS system to produce a report and a series of graphs that I have access to each month. There are many reports on real estate in Orange County, but I have found Stephen’s reports offers the closest and most accurate depiction of what I am seeing and feeling in the trenches of real estate sales everyday,” Doug continued. “Stephen allows me to share his report with my clients in the form of a newsletter or video blog (vlog) a couple times each month.”
Doug encourages everyone who wants to be in the know about the latest and most accurate information on real estate in Talega and beyond to sign up for his newsletter and vlog reports. Simply email [email protected] and ask to be included. There is no cost, opting out is available at any time, and current subscribers have commented that they find the information compelling and very helpful.
To learn more about the current Talega real estate market, check out the GREEN sheet!
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