Modern Luxury Living Room: The Top 27 Design Ideas

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Your living room is the focal point of your home; from spontaneous parties to carefully prepared social gatherings to relaxed evenings with a loved one, you may spend a great deal of time in this area. “The living room should be a temple of your soul,” Sir Terence Conran, an English designer and a founder of London’s Design Museum once said. Aside from implementing construction techniques and solutions, which ideally should be left to professional architects and builders, where can you draw inspiration and ideas for turning a living space into an upscale temple of cutting edge interior design?
We selected 27 of the best modern and contemporary luxury living room ideas spotted in the penthouses of NYC, Miami, Paris and London, in Greek villas, and in Colorado log homes.

1. Utilize Your Tall Ceilings

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Massive ceilings look amazing, but they look even better when you decorate them all the way up. Fill this space with a decorative bookcase, chimney, or elegant wall art.

2. Add Industrial Lighting

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Unique, industrial lights can really help bring together your luxurious living room. This creates a very sleek look that can match perfectly with your furniture.

3. Go for High-Contrast

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High-contrast living rooms are on the rise. Blending together deep blacks with warm whites can really make a bold statement in any modern living room.

4. Art-Focused

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Designing a white living room with a few art pieces as the focal point can really create a luxurious look. Try for a white sofa with bold artwork hanging on the wall above.

5. Black and Gold

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Something about the colors black and gold really screams out luxury. When used effectively, these colors balance each other out to create a very elegant appearance.

6. Velvet Sofa

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A velvet sofa can instantly transform a boring living room into an elegant masterpiece. Add this unique furniture next to decorative lamps for an exceptional appeal.

7. Eye-Catchy Chandelier

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Although some people consider them old-fashioned, a chandelier is a luxurious piece that can bring together your modern-style living room. Go for a bold, eye-catchy model to create a look like no other.

8. The Minimalist Look

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Doing less is becoming more and more popular. If you want a luxurious living room, simplify your design with minimalist features throughout.

9. The Pit

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This idea defies the conventional. It’s focused around an indoor fire pit that’s placed as the focal point in the center of the living room. Couches, tables and all decor should surround this pit.

10. Go Metallic

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Nothing says luxury more than metallic. By adding metallic furniture such as tables or lighting, this gives off a very modern feel.

11. Greek Island

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How about some Greek coast vibes? Adding white stone walls, blue-colored furniture and light colors throughout can create a Greek island appearance that looks incredibly luxurious.

12. Barn Doors

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Who knew farm-style could look so modern? Adding a barn door or two to your living room space is a luxurious touch that could go a long way.

13. Bringing in the Outdoors

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In places with pleasant weather, bringing the outdoors inside can bring a modern feel to any home. This is a great space to add plants and certain decor that enjoys the sunshine.

14. Soaking in the Sun

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Many modern homes today have luxurious decor that works well with natural light. If you’re fortunate enough to have large windows that bring in tons of light, try adding furniture and design elements that complement that brightness.

15. Shiny Brass Lamps

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One simple yet elegant design trick is to add some shiny brass lamps to your living room space. While working well with dark colors, this furniture can add a very elegant look.

16. Symmetrical Setup

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Symmetry can go a very long way in a living room space. If you have the room for it, you could add identical couches, lamps and other elements that can create mirrored seating areas.

17. Glass Walls

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Glass walls can help bring the outdoors inside. In addition, this can create a luxurious appearance like no other. Couple these walls with simplistic design elements to show a sense of modern.

18. Add a Feature Wall

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A feature wall is a living room space you dedicate to certain design elements, like a huge art piece. This acts as the focal point of a room, with other furniture focused around it.

19. Illumination

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If your living room has unique features or elements, make them stand out. Whether you have a very interesting staircase or unconventional fireplace, brightening up this space with an elegant light can make all the difference.

20. Blue and White

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Something about blue and white complement each other on a high level. When blended correctly, these colors can create a very inviting and elegant living room. Focus on these two colors to get a modern look that won’t disappoint.

21. French-Style

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Nothing is more elegant than a French-style living room. To achieve this look, go for decorative couches, historical artwork, and detail-focused design elements throughout.

22. Add Some Gold

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Gold is one of the most luxurious materials out there. While you don’t need to find real gold, adding gold-like accents can really help to create a modern, luxurious feel in a living room.

23. Wall Mural

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Another unconventional idea is to add a mural covering a large area on a living room wall. If combined with the right design elements and furniture, this look can be very luxurious.

24. Patterns Galore

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Although a minimalistic look can be effective, sometimes the opposite is true. For something unusual, go for design elements with tons of patterns and detail throughout. Although this can be a lot to handle, it can provide many modern and luxurious qualities.

25. Shag Rug

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Sometimes a rug can help bring together a living room. When used with the right design features, a shag rug can be the perfect addition to a modern luxury living room.

26. Sectional Sofa

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With tons of sectional sofa varieties out there, you can easily find a luxurious sofa for your living room space. Before choosing a model, be sure to consider your color choices and other design elements: in this case, it’s very possible to combine even rather brave, modern furniture with a classic interior design.

27. Corner Space

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Although an unconventional tactic, another luxurious living room setup involves utilizing the corner of the room. This area can use a perfectly sized sofa, an elegant chandelier, and a matching coffee table to bring the space together effectively.
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