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The Ramos House Café, located in the heart of the Los Rios Historical District in San Juan Capistrano, holds a rich historical significance. Positioned on the oldest remaining residential street in California, Los Rios traces its roots back to 1794, when around 40 adobe structures were erected to accommodate soldiers and workers overseeing the construction of the Mission. Today, only three original adobes persist, including the Rios, Montenez, and Silvas.
Originally stretching to what is now Dana Point Harbor, Los Rios was once the primary access point to the harbor, but only a 600-foot segment of the historical street remains today. In the late 1800s, a second wave of homes, reflecting the board and batten style, were added by European immigrants. The Ramos House, constructed in 1881, exemplifies this architectural era and was the long-time residence of the Ramos Family, one of the oldest in San Juan Capistrano.
Built by the Aguilar Family, the Ramos House later became the residence of the Ramos Family, with rumors suggesting an intriguing history, including a hideout beneath the main bedroom used by vaqueros. In 1995, Chef/Owner John Q. Humphreys transformed the house into a café, preserving much of the original structure while adding a commercial kitchen and restoring dilapidated portions. The Ramos House Café officially opened its doors on October 4th, 1995.
In November 2020, Michelle and Kris Winrich acquired the Ramos House from John Q. Humphreys, who retired with his wife Jillian. Michelle, having worked for John Q. for the past 10 years, aims to maintain the integrity and legacy of the Ramos House Café. Despite big shoes to fill, Michelle and Kris are enthusiastic about the future, promising exciting reiterations of classic dishes and new innovative experiences. The Ramos House Café continues to honor its 25-year legacy, and patrons can still expect to see Q. & Jilly on the front porch, with a dedicated table to commemorate their contributions.
The Ramos House Café


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