How to Prepare Your Home for a Showing

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Another one of my most asked questions from clients is how to prepare their home for showing it to potential buyers. First impressions count, and there are major things to make sure you do so that your home looks its absolute best when someone takes a tour. Here are my top six tips on how to prepare your home for a showing.

1.  Make sure all of your lights are on

Make sure your shades are open and there's a lot of light in the house. It's very important.

2. Check the climate

Make sure the house is not too hot or not too cold. Adjust your thermostat accordingly.

3. Play some soft music

If you have the ability to have soft music playing, go ahead and do it - but make sure it's soft, not overwhelming.

4. Contain pets or keep them away

If you have pets, make sure they're contained or off the property during a showing.

5. Leave the home

Make sure you leave the house during a showing. When an owner is present, it becomes very awkward and uncomfortable during the showing process.

6. Tidy up

Make sure you tidy up the house. Check that pillows are straightened, bedspreads are tight and toilet seats are down. Pretend like your mother-in-law is coming over to see your home.

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