3 Tips for Hiring the Right Realtor for You

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Choosing a Realtor can be just as big of a decision as deciding to sell your home. It can feel daunting, and you want to make sure you find someone that you trust with such an important investment and change in your life.

You might be wondering:

→ Do they have experience in my local area?

→ Do they have an exceptional reputation?

→ Do they have a team to support them?

→ Will I be able to reach them easily?

→ How will they market my home?

Here are Doug Echelberger's 3 best questions you can use to make sure you are selecting the RIGHT Realtor for you. 

1.  Research their online presence

How they present themselves online and with their website, is the way that they are going to be presenting your listing to potential buyers. It is crucial to have a strong presence.

2. Inspect your local print publications

Do you see their name in your local area, or newspapers? Are they making marketing investments in that area or town? That is essential when listing a property for sale to generate maximum exposure.

3. Make sure they have a support team and staff

When hiring a listing agent, know that they play many roles in the process of selling your house. It is not as simple as putting your home online, putting a sign up and letting the offers come in. They do marketing, transaction coordinating, negotiating, showing properties, open houses, broker previews, and more. You want to make sure that none of those balls get dropped, and this is made sure by having a full team and staff to support both them and you, as a client, through the process. It is critical. 

At Echelberger Group, we have a full team and staff that is respectfully known in the local area as having top-tier premium white-glove service. Get to know our team here, and see what clients have to say about us here.

As always, if you have any questions at all you can give me a call directly at (949)-463-0400.

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We realize the purchase and sale of real estate property is probably one of the most important transactions that a person can make. We’ve built our business and outstanding reputation by helping our clients navigate through the process efficiently and professionally from start to finish.

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