Carissa Mossman

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Carissa Mossman
Carissa Mossman

Carissa Mossman

Director of Operations

Carissa Mossman, an accomplished professional, graduated early from the University of California, Santa Cruz, driven by a passion to apply her skill set in service of others. Her journey led her to the vibrant world of real estate, where she found a natural fit within the esteemed community at Inhabit Real Estate. With a lineage deeply rooted in the industry, Carissa brings to the table decades of expertise inherited from her grandparents and parents, who are esteemed builders, leading escrow officers, and top-producing real estate professionals.

Drawing from this rich background, Carissa possesses an innate understanding of the intricacies of the real estate business. This profound knowledge, coupled with her calm demeanor and astute communication skills, allows her to excel in her role as Director of Operations. In charge of the flow of entire operations, Carissa oversees the entire transaction process, from inception to completion, ensuring each step is executed seamlessly and efficiently.

What sets Carissa apart is her unwavering commitment to ensuring exceptional client experiences. She approaches each interaction with a blend of expertise and genuine compassion, fostering an environment of trust and reliability. By leveraging her comprehensive training and deep industry insights, Carissa empowers her team to deliver unparalleled service to every client.

Furthermore, Carissa's role extends to overseeing the Marketing Manager and Transaction Manager, ensuring a cohesive approach that integrates marketing strategies seamlessly with transaction processes. This comprehensive oversight guarantees that every aspect of the client experience is harmonized, further enhancing satisfaction and efficiency throughout the real estate journey.



  1. I am: Always listening to music
  2. Born In: Aeia, Hawaii
  3. Proudest Moment: Moving to Portland to start a new adventure
  4. Biggest Challenge: Being away from my dogs.... and family.
  5. Favorite Quote: Timshel
  6. Perfect Day: Waking up early in the morning, cooking breakfast and drinking coffee, going on a hike to see waterfalls, wine tasting in Willamette Valley, barbecuing on my roof top patio and ending the night with local live music.
  7. First Job: Clothing Store
  8. Superhero Power: Teleportation
  9. Favorite San Clemente Spot: Vine or anywhere that has good live music that night
  10. Inspiration: My mom raising two children on her own like a boss.
  11. Echelberger Group Is: Client oriented, ever-evolving, compassionate
  12. Early bird or night owl: Early bird always
  13. Dream Vacation: Traveling around Rome, Croatia and Greece
  14. Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate and wine
  15. Recommended Reading: Any Harry Potter book will do. If you haven’t read one yet, I promise you are missing out on a life experience
  16. Introvert or Extrovert: Both, depending on the people and situation
  17. Spirit Animal: Matt Bellassai from Whine about it
  18. Best Advice: Always to be open to new opportunities
  19. Life Motto: Always to be open to new opportunities
  20. Favorite Past Time: Listening to live music

Carissa Mossman

Director of Operations


We realize the purchase and sale of real estate property is probably one of the most important transactions that a person can make. We’ve built our business and outstanding reputation by helping our clients navigate through the process efficiently and professionally from start to finish.

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