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Fall Foliage 2020: Most Scenic Train Rides

From frontier times all the way up to the latest update of Red Dead Redemption, seeing masks on a train signaled you were about to lose your pocket watch. That 200-year American tradition has been flipped on its head: Today, though, a ...

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Best National Parks in America, Ranked

There’s a national park for everybody, whether you’re seeking a wild backcountry experience or looking to kick back in a hot spring in an urban area. Of the 62 national parks—which drew an astounding 327 million visitors last year...

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Orange County Housing Report | Values Going Up

  Appreciation: With strong demand and an incredibly low inventory, the market will continue to lean heavily in favor of sellers, resulting in home values rising. When there is a scarcity of something popular for sale, the price goes up....

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Brad Johnson’s Top 5 Hot New Restaurants in OC

Brad Johnson gives OC Register his 2020 list of the best restaurants in Orange County! New restaurants don’t just open overnight. Most involve years of planning and months of consternation. Delays are inevitable. Permits take forever. So when...

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Work Remote in These 12 Cities for Digital Nomads

If there’s one silver lining to 2020, it’s that now you know—and your boss knows, and their boss knows—you can work from just about anywhere. Maybe it’s from a swanky Airbnb for a week in a different city. Maybe it’s rol...

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The Move Towards Sustainable Living

If you’re looking to make a change and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, one of the first things to look at is purchasing an eco-friendly home or equipping your home with sustainable technology. With the rising cost of energy, the demand fo...

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Your Fall Planting Guide

Fall is a little bit like a reverse spring. Everything is starting to wind down as winter approaches, and for a lot of gardeners, that’s a sad time. It doesn’t have to be, though; fall can be a time for laying the groundwork for spring plan...

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9-Step Guide to Family Relocation in California

“Are we there yet?” If you’ve ever vacationed with children, you’ve heard this before. You probably responded with, “It’s not just about the destination — relax and enjoy the journey!” But as you consider relocating your fami...

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