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Orange County Housing Report | A Blazing November

  Hot November Housing: With an Expected Market Time of 41 days, in the midst of November, the Orange County housing market is hotter than the Spring Markets of 2014 through 2019. Just because everyone is sipping their favorite Starbucks...

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Best Weekend Getaways Near San Diego

San Diego can feel like the promised land: the weather is always perfect, the people are always happy, and there’s a seemingly endless number of restaurants, breweries, and cultural events that pop up every other weekend. That said, vari...

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Orange County Housing Report | Season’s Greetings

  The Holiday Market: From now through the end of the year, the active inventory typically drops about 27% and demand drops by 31%. With shorter days and all the distractions of the holidays, housing will downshift with a drop in both th...

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Surf Served: South OC’s Awesome Public Beaches

The Pacific coast of California has a bit of an unspoken friendly competition going on up and down the entirety of its 840 miles. (Fun fact: only Alaska and Florida boast longer stretches of uninterrupted shores in the U.S.) The battle: who has...

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Starry-Eyed Destinations

With a never-ending supply of technological advancements and screens seemingly around every turn, modern life often pulls people away from nature. Fortunately, looking up at the stars never ceases to amaze, especially when a postcard-perfect ...

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Shine On: SoCal’s Amazing Weather

If you have any friends who moved from places with cold winters to the sun-kissed counties of Southern California, you may catch them posting selfies wearing shorts laughing at friends left behind in blustery winter climates. Folks who move ove...

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The Orange County Crush

Orange County is both blessed by its location and yet sometimes overshadowed. Situated right in the heart of world-renowned Southern California – or “SoCal” as the locals lovingly call it – it shares many of the attributes which the nam...

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Fall Foliage 2020: Most Scenic Train Rides

From frontier times all the way up to the latest update of Red Dead Redemption, seeing masks on a train signaled you were about to lose your pocket watch. That 200-year American tradition has been flipped on its head: Today, though, a ...

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Best National Parks in America, Ranked

There’s a national park for everybody, whether you’re seeking a wild backcountry experience or looking to kick back in a hot spring in an urban area. Of the 62 national parks—which drew an astounding 327 million visitors last year...

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