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the GREEN sheet | September 2020

The Cooler Months of Autumn: Bringing Heat to the Talega Real Estate Market Autumn in San Clemente...the time of year when school returns, summer comes to an end and cooler, crisper weather lies ahead. One thing that shows no sign of cooling...

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Orange County Housing Report | Wave of Foreclosures

  The Distressed Market: Foreclosures and short sales make up less than half a percent of the listing inventory and demand. Due to the recession, everybody is jumping to the worst-case scenario for housing, the inevitable wave of foreclo...

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the GREEN sheet | August 2020

A Market On The Move: Coastal Orange County Real Estate Is Hot! Orange County’s real estate market continues to thrive, but it is especially hot in its coastal cities. Take a look at the Active Inventory and Demand charts in the link and y...

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Orange County Housing Report | The Rest of 2020

  Housing Trends: With a low supply and strong demand, the market has not been this hot since 2013. While unemployment is still high and the overall economy is slowly crawling its way out of a forced stoppage, housing has been a bright s...

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Orange County Housing Report | Luxury Returns

  Luxury Strength: The upper end of the housing market is strong with plenty of demand. The luxury housing market in Orange County came to screeching halt in mid-April. It appeared as if luxury housing had perished in 2020 and would not ...

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the GREEN sheet | June-July 2020

What You Need To Know About Talega's Current Housing Market Covid-19 has had a dramatic affect on demand and inventory in Orange County’s real estate market. February through June is typically when agents are listing homes at a rapid pace,...

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Orange County Housing Report | Seize the Day

  Lack of Supply: From March through today, one-third fewer homes were placed on the market. Many homeowners think that now is not a good time to sell because of COVID-19, that “June gloom” has shrouded the Orange County housing mark...

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Orange County Housing Report | Hotter Than Last Year

  Getting Hotter: The Expected Market Time for sellers is dropping like a rock as demand expands. In mid-April, the Expected Market Time (the amount of time from hammering in the FOR-SALE sign to opening escrow) was at 121 days, a slight...

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Orange County Housing Report | V-Shaped Recovery

Demand Spikes: Demand surged in the past couple of weeks with a 38% rise. COVID-19 has impacted the economy across the board. The economic data prior to the Coronavirus was pumping on all cylinders. Consumer confidence, consumption, unempl...

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