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Seller’s Guide

Selling your South Coastal Orange County home? This guide is the perfect reference for you.

Sell your house fast – and for top dollar – with our essential tips below.

Choosing the right listing agent

Selling a luxurious beachfront home promises great rewarding endeavor, for sure. But turning real estate into money in the bank – especially in the competitive Orange County real estate market – requires a great deal of time, energy, skill, and resolve.

Hire a listing agent to get an expert’s eye on the critical requirements and processes that selling real estate entails. With an agent, you also gain a reliable adviser who will help you make crucial decisions and connect you with local professional partners when the need arises.

How to prepare a home to sell

Before putting up that “For Sale” sign on your front lawn, be sure to check these steps off your to-do list:

  1. Decluttering and depersonalizing

    Clear out unnecessary items cluttered all-around your property. After that, put away all of your personal trinkets and decorations, too. Present your home as a “blank canvas” – a space that potential future owners can imagine themselves occupying and personalizing as their own.

  2. Deep cleaning

    Make your home as close to brand-new as you possibly can with a thorough cleaning. Hiring professional cleaners is a sound investment, especially if you have a larger home with several rooms and sprawling spaces.

  3. Repairs and upgrades

    Even if your house is spotless, defective or damaged fixtures can make buyers think twice about choosing your home. Examine your property for even the most basic repair needs, such as cracks in the walls or pavement or any leaky pipes. Test all of your appliances and electrical fixtures, too.

    Avoid expensive upgrades on the latest, high-end appliances or getting rooms overhauled. Small but effective fixes offer more return on your investment compared to major renovation projects.

Staging and photography: Key investments for a lucrative home sale

Investing in professional staging and photography makes your home stand out in a crowded real estate market. These experts know exactly how to showcase every key area of your home in all their best angles. They have the right equipment and resources to do the job, too.

The numbers back it up: Professionally staged homes sell up to 88% faster and at 20% higher price than homes that are marketed plainly.

The importance of correct pricing

One of the most important processes you must spend time on when preparing to sell your home is determining the right price. While you might want to get the best returns for your home, you also have to avoid pricing it way above its actual market value.

Overpricing tends to lead to greater losses, rather than profit. Savvy buyers and agents ignore unreasonably priced listings. If your property goes unsold for an extended period, you will be forced to make drastic price cuts just to get attention again.

To determine the appropriate price for your home, consult your agent for comparative market analysis. This process reviews the list prices of similar homes currently for sale and that have recently sold in your area.

Marketing your home

Working closely with your agent, create a marketing strategy that will ensure maximum exposure for your listing for the right audience of homebuyers. The success of your listing will depend on several factors:

  • The timing of publishing your listing
  • The volume and variety of promotional materials, such as print and online ads
  • The amount and quality of details written to describe your property
  • Effectiveness of property staging and photography
  • Your agent’s connections in the local homebuying market

At this stage, make your home accessible to interested buyers for personal viewings and home tours as much as you can. Scheduling an open house is another effective way to draw attention to your home for sale.

Reviewing, negotiating, accepting offers

Receiving offers for your home is exciting. But when you have the attention of buyers in a competitive market, the sheer number can easily become overwhelming.

Filter the best offers with help from your agent. Review every detail. Look past the offer price and highlight important contingencies and particular requests, such as preferred closing schedules or payment methods.

After choosing your best offer, negotiate the finer details of the deal with your buyer. Your agent will play a key role here. Their experience and objective perspective are essential in representing your best interests as you pursue the best mutually agreeable terms with your buyer.

The home seller’s role during the escrow process

When you enter the escrow process, cooperate fully with every required contingency step. Give inspectors and appraisers access to the property as needed, and attend to any repair requests and document reviews as soon as possible to prevent any delays in closing the sale.

Work with the Echelberger Real Estate Group for a profitable home sale

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More home selling tips from the Echelberger Real Estate Group

Stay tuned for more practical and insightful home selling guides here. We will update this page with more content soon!