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The Most Common Springtime Plumbing Issues

Spring brings warm weather, sunshine and an abundance of flowers, but it also brings about a few unique plumbing problems. While spring showers help your flowers and other plants to grow, rain can also cause plumbing issues. As the weathe...

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Here’s Why Vodka Belongs In Your Laundry Room

There’s a difference between your clothes needing a wash and needing a refresh. If you sat out in the scorching heat and have the pit stains to prove it, that shirt should probably be thrown in the hamper. But if you walked through a...

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garbage disposal and kitchen sink

Better Garbage Disposal Care Tips

A garbage disposal can be a great addition to your kitchen. If it isn’t taken care of correctly, though, the blades can dull or rust over time, and the overall effectiveness of the disposal will drop significantly. With proper care and mainte...

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Is This the Year to Repaint Your Home?

There’s nothing like a postcard-fresh paint job on your home to make it look and feel brand new again, but it’s unlikely you’ll need a new coat of paint every year. So how do you know when it’s time to repaint your home? Let’s walk th...

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lawn mower on green grass

Is Your Yard Equipment Ready for Spring?

As spring finally starts to arrive, there are likely a number of tasks around the house that will be kicking off in the coming weeks. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, prepping the garden, or refreshing those flower beds, it’s time to break o...

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housing market laguna beach coast of california

Is a Housing Market Crash Possible in 2021?

With the real estate market experiencing surging prices, scant inventories and a backlog of new home construction, many consumers are wondering if what’s gone up must come back down—in other words, are we headed for another housing market c...

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