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Laguna Beach’s Culinary Delights

Laguna Beach has a bustling culinary scene. There’s an old saying that goes a little bit like this: the way into one’s heart is through their stomach. Well, in Laguna Beach that can be the case for foodies of all kinds. Yes, of course, the ...

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edible garden raised garden beds

10 Beautiful Small Edible Gardens

With some smart planning, small outdoor spaces can easily be transformed into beautiful, productive fruit and veggie gardens. Come take a look at 10 inviting edible gardens tucked into front yards, side yards, decks and balconies that show how ...

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12 Best Houseplants That Purify Air

We don't need to give you the hard sell on houseplants: They instantly add color, vibrancy, and a breath of fresh air to your space, no matter the size. Certain greens — ferns, palms, and ivy to name a few — also detoxify the air around you...

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Epic Surf Breaks in Orange County

From novices to tanned old veterans, Orange County’s 42 miles of glorious Pacific coastline and surf breaks attracts surfers from around the world. Huntington Beach and Newport Beach are among the most legendary, but don’t overl...

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11 Ways to Refresh Your Deck

New decor, potted plants and string lights are good places to start when refreshing a deck. But there are other ways you can make a big difference without a major renovation. Read on for 11 tips that will give your deck flair, functio...

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white kitchen countertop

Kitchen Countertop Looks That Are Hot Right Now

A kitchen countertop plays a major role in the overall look of a kitchen, and they are a key feature to get right for a successful remodel. We asked established kitchen designers and remodelers to share which countertop materials, thicknesses...

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minimalist bathroom with white bathtub and green houseplants

11 Ways to Age-Proof Your Bathroom

  If you’re planning to stay in your house for the rest of your life, consider renovating your bathroom with accessibility in mind. Along with kitchens, bathrooms are one of the spaces homeowners use the most. They also happen to be w...

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living room with plants and decor

20 Ways to Personalize a New Home

When you first move into a new house, it’s only natural to want to put your personal stamp on the space — after all, unless you built your dream home, it’s likely that the finishes, fixtures and paint colors were chosen according to the...

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