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What You Should Know about Buying a Beach House

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Who doesn’t want to live by the beach in a beautiful beach house? We all want to be gently lulled to sleep and woken by the sound of waves as they hit the shore. We want to see how the sea changes across the year and know that we’ve always got a beach right by the house. With that said, there are still many things that you should know before selecting your dream home from beachside San Clemente houses for sale.
Here are a few home buying tips for prospective beach house buyers.

  1. Do your research

    It’s a good idea to spend some time in the area you want to live before actually taking that step. Consider renting a home in the area. Get a feel of the place and the people who live there. How convenient is the property? What about the location itself? Are you within easy reach of amenities such as hospitals, schools, and stores? The good news on this front is that San Clemente houses for sale come with features and amenities that make the coastal community highly desirable – without compromising the small-town vibe that makes living here feel like being on a permanent vacation.

  2. Meet the neighbors

    It’s important to know who your neighbors are. Whether they live right next to you or, in the case of secluded properties, some ways off, neighbors give you a sense of how you’ll fit in. If your neighbors throw rowdy parties, is that fine with you? If you want something quieter, consider buying a house in another neighborhood. Meeting the neighbors is one of the best real estate tips for buyers because they could be a factor in how happy you’ll be in your new place.

  3. Work with a local Realtor

    If you get recommendations for the best Realtor for first-time homebuyers then check them out. Realtors understand the entire process of buying and selling properties, including the right time to do it. Local Realtors also have all of the best home buying tips. It’s particularly important to understand the off-season and peak season of the beach and how the area changes between them. Some shops are only open during peak season so some of the amenities that are important to you may not be available all year round – especially if you plan to make the property your primary home.

  4. Get a home inspection

    Much like consulting a local Realtor, having a home inspection done is doubly important for coastal property. Home inspectors can check for damage, including natural wear and tear and damage caused by the elements. They can tell if – and how often – the house has been flooded. Before you hire an inspector, verify their credentials, ask about their experience inspecting beach houses, and go online to find out what people are saying about their services.

  5. Hire a land surveyor or engineer

    A land surveyor can assess the highest level the tides reach and whether they are continuously high or not. With the rapid change in weather patterns, this step becomes even more important. Surveyors and engineers can assess how stable the shore is and the likelihood of tides rising. It helps to be aware of the worst and prepare for it ahead of time. It’s a good idea to look for an area with plenty of greenery, which could indicate natural drainage.

  6. Choose between beachfront and off-beach property

    Do you want a home right next to the beach, or would you be comfortable living a few blocks away? There are a few good reasons to choose an off-beach property – least of all being the price. An off-beach property offers more house for your money and should be considered for those looking to raise a family. If you don’t want to lose your view, look at off-beach homes with multiple levels, a condo in an upper floor, or a property on a bluff or at a higher elevation. Off-beach homes are also less prone to the wear and tear than beachfront properties. If you can live in a beach-adjacent home, then it’s worth considering.

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